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Can you name the two countries which are anagrams of two of the words in each of these sentences?

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Queen Elizabeth began her reign during an elaborate coronation ceremony complete with traditional royal regalia.
A penal system focused on rehabilitation simply won't work; serial killers can't be mended. Life should mean life.
Chelsea won a close match in appalling conditions. Despite the rain, they triumphed over Fulham on penalties.
I felt myself getting increasingly upset and tearier as the accusations and the acrimonies mounted. I was innocent, but no-one would listen.
The knight - resplendent in his plumed helmet and chain mail - unsheathed his sword. 'Come, heathen - let battle begin,' he said.
Rabies can be fatal to dogs, but few people realise it can also have a devastating impact on humans.
I find I moan and groan more frequently as I get older, but I think my escalating aches and pains mean my grumbles are justified.
Dance enthusiasts rave about the pure passion and exhilaration of latin dances like the tango or samba.
Many a rash curse is uttered in moments of anger, but an aneurism is something you wouldn't wish on your worst enemy when thinking clearly.

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