Ultimate Percy Jackson quiz 2

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How much do you REALLY know about Percy Jackson? Find out in this ULTIMATE Percy Jackson quiz 2!

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The word you have to say to get the winged shoes to fly
The name of Thalia's shieldcapital
The name of Tyson's hippocampuscapital
The monsters that attack camp half-blood in Sea of Monsters
The part of his body that made Percy invulnerable
Annabeth's fatal flaw
The Greek name of Percy's swordcapital
The names of the two empousaicapitals needed
The battle trophy Percy got when he FIRST killed the Minotaur
Grover's favourite foodnot tin cans!
His relationship to Gabe Ugliano
The three sisters in Sea of Monstersspelled with a not e, capitals
Silena's last name :) (bhaaahahahaha... we always get this wrong)capital
The floor Olympus is on at the Empire State building
Where Percy met Rachel Elizabeth Dare

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