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Can you name the Northeast United States ski resorts by the given trail name?

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Ski TrailsSki ResortState
10th Mountain Trail, Balance Rock, SundownerMassachusetts
JFK, The Jet, InterstateVermont
Wonderfully Wicked, Wedgie, WandererNew York
Niagara, Excelsior, MedalistNew York
Koessler, Skimeister, Beginner's LuckNew Hampshire
Bode's Run, Jacob's Ladder, AvalonNew Hampshire
Black Cat, Cat Track, Stray CatNew Hampshire
Angel Street, Ram Pasture, BrookwayNew Hampshire
Devil's Fiddle, Skyeburst, JuggernautVermont
Big Blue, Sonya, Green MonsterMassachusetts
Illusion, Saco, Far OutNew Hampshire
True Grit, Old Tecumseh, Valley RunNew Hampshire
Frank's Fall Line, Suntanner, 91Vermont
Goosebumps, Bonanza, Beck BrookNew Hampshire
Ripsaw, Sluice, BoardwalkMaine
Ski TrailsSki ResortState
Organgrinder, Jester, Sugarbear RoadVermont
Hackett's Highway, Perry Merrill, Toll RoadVermont
Paradise, Bunny, FoxVermont
White Heat, Lazy River, KansasMaine
Stump Jumper, Jolly Green Giant, Mountain RoadVermont
Fearless Leader, Snake, Manhoosuc MeadowMaine
Hot Shot, Gunpowder, Side ArmNew Hampshire
Kinsman Glade, Taft Slalom, GremlinNew Hampshire
Lobo, Big Bow, Peace pipeMassachusetts
Upper Pike, Lower Pike, BushwhackerVermont
K-27, Belt Parkway, Fifth AvenueNew York
Hawkeye, Cloud, JamboreeNew York
Ripcord, Roller Coaster, Long JohnVermont
Cure, Mach II, FrolicNew York

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