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Can you name the Rock Band 1 setlist from only a single lyric from each song?
But inside your heart it is black and it's hollow and it's cold
I'd do what I can to keep her lookin' pretty
Can we climb this mountain? I don't know
They've not a care for the rush of traffic
Now you don't need that money when you look like that, do ya honey
I can't stand it, I know you planned it
Oh, a storm is threat'ning my very life today
Stay cool and be somebody's fool this year
The songs you grow to like never stick at first
I heard some ghosts laughing in the trees
It starts out easy, something simple, something sleazy
Sometimes I sleep, sometimes it's not for days
Breaking down is easy, all I want is you
They're generating steam heat
Darkness fills my heart with pain
Drive my car into the ocean
I'm looking for a complication, looking cause I'm tired of trying
The room is on fire as she's fixing her hair
We're going all night so, baby, keep your boots on the ground!
I can't wash you off my skin
Oh don't lean on me man, cause you can't afford the ticket
Hit top speed but I'm still movin' much too slow
They don't love you like I love you
You'll forget about me after I've been gone
Dear Daddy, I write you in spite of years of silence
Hang on to the glory of my right hand
Come on take my hand and follow
One day is fine, the next is black
Make a joke and I will sigh and you will laugh and I will cry
She rather handsome we kinda looked the same
She's a runner, rebel and a stunner
You picked me up and cleaned me up and taught me self respect
You break your back can't do no wrong
I'll keep ten feet behind just to walk you home
Just as long as it sounds lost, streaming out of the magnets
Let me live without this empty bliss, selfishness
Riding through dust clouds and barren wastes
I'd rob a bank, maybe steal a plane
Gonna start a new band and we'll learn to play
I've had my fun and now its time to serve your conscience overseas
Heaven send Hell away, no one sings like you anymore
Nobody gonna take my girl, I'm gonna keep her to the end
He's the one who likes all our pretty songs
What's real, and what's for sale?
Speeding down the fast lane, playin' from town to town
You will never understand it 'cause it happens too fast
It's just the beasts under your bed, in your closet, in your head
She could kill you with a wink of her eye
As I plea, wish the sun would rescue me
Im all i want to be, a walking study in demonology
We play cheap guitars and only two lousy drums
I say William Shakespeare had the right idea
What you say about his company is what you say about society
You're just like an angel, your skin makes me cry
Forty thousand men and women everyday
It's not for me I ask this question, as though I were a king
I'll tip my hat to the new constitution
Stuck in ways of being an ass and I've got a lot of nerve that I'm ready to pass

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