Capitals of Austria-Hungary

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Can you name the State Capitals of the Austro-Hungarian Empire?

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CrownlandCapitalcity of present-day...
Kingdom of HungaryHungary
Kingdom of Croatia-SlavoniaCroatia
Archduchy of Lower AustriaAustria
Archduchy of Upper AustriaAustria
Kingdom of BohemiaCzech Republic
Margraviate of MoraviaCzech Republic
Duchy of Upper and Lower SilesiaCzech Republic
Kingdom of Galicia and LodomeriaUkraine
Duchy of BukovinaUkraine
CrownlandCapitalcity of present-day...
Crownland of VorarlbergAustria
County of TyrolAustria
Duchy of SalzburgAustria
Duchy of CarniolaSlovenia
Duchy of CarinthiaAustria
Duchy of StyriaAustria
Austrian Littoral (Istria, Gorizia and Gradisca)Italy
Kingdom of DalmatiaCroatia
Condominium of Bosnia and Herzegovina (annexed 1908)Bosnia and Herzegovina

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