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Can you name the terms or expressions containing the word 'stick'?

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Object used to play an ice sport with a puck
Pair of sticks used to eat Asian food
What a witch flies on
Generonym for lip balm
Nimble Jack jumped over this
Plastic tube waved around at concerts
Label stuck on the rear of an automobile
36-inch ruler
Breaded dairy product often served as an appetizer
Person made of lines and circles
Colored substance that women put on their mouth
Toy consisting of a pole with foot rests and springs
Lower part of a chicken leg
Crisp, elongated roll often served with soups and salads
Someone who avoids trying new activities
Tropical insect having a long, twig-like body
Manually operated transmission for an automobile
Small fish with sharp points along its back
Upright handle used to control objects on a computer game
Physical comedy

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