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Ltr.10-Letter WordClue
ASmall earthquake after a bigger one
BScenery behind an object or person
C1 followed by 303 zeros
DThe process of adorning something
ETo make something seem more extreme
FFront part of a ship
GPeople who control a country, state, etc.
HAircraft with large metal blades
ITo draw the pictures in a book
JActivity of writing and reporting news
KInexpensive trinket
LIrish man believed to have magic powers
MEquipment that magnifies small objects
Ltr.10-Letter WordClue
NA stupid person
OEating plants and meat
PApproval to do something
QMuscle on the front of your thigh
RLarge grey animal with a horn on its nose
SVery tall building
TBouncy fabric sheet for jumping
VHaving won a competition or battle
WLarge green fruit that is red in the inside
XFear of foreigners
YThe state of being lemon-colored
ZOf or relating to animals

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