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The triangular part of the end wall of a building with a pitched roof between the barge boards or rafters
UB section used to carry load as a beam
A wire nail usually 50-65mm long with a rounded bullet head OR a cut nail of constant thickness but tapering width with a square head projecting from one edge only
Each floor is framed separately, as contrasted with balloon framing, in which the studs (vertical members) extend the full height of the building
A contract document with a number of listed doors and details of location, type, hardwar, door furniture, etc
Flat window glass smooth on both sides made by running hot fluid glass from the furnace along a bath of molten tin (on which it floats) until the moving sheet is cool and hard enou
The tendency of water or any fluid to be sucked into a narrow space
A piece of metal such as a pipe or wall tie that passes through a wall and caries heat through it
A strip of impervious material the same width as a brickwork of blockwork wall, or a brick damp course, to keep out moisture
A type of mortar composed of lime and an aggregate such as sand, mixed with water. It is one of the oldest known types of mortar
A metal alloy made from a mixture of copper and zinc
Thermal conductivity, measured in watts per meter kelvin
Non combustible flexible fibre used as a heat insulator or sound absorber
A flush door with a core of 100% solid material, such as chipboard, flaxboard, plastics foam, or laminated softwood, thus suited to heavy duty
The cause of decay in wood, dry rot being the commonest in buildings in Britain
A structural member that resists loads which bend it
Blast cleaning with sand, using protective dust extraction, normally under factory conditions because of the risk of silicosis
Loss of surface metal caused by chemicals, dissimilar metal contact or stress
Undercoats plaster, made from gypsum and sand, indroduced in 1930, replacing lime
Also known as lumberboard, joinery board or blockboard, consists of a central layer of edge-glued battens, covered on both sides with a facing veneer
A parrallel or tapered box gutter behind a parapet
A plastic like membrane which is attatched to the sheathing of the home and is used to minimise leakage
Dampness; for air it is usually stated as relative humidity
A timber door leaf with a visible leaf frame
A single lap interlocking roof tile shaped like a shallow s made of clay or concrete
The visible surface of a building component
A material used for various building purposes, consisting usually of an odd number of veneers glued over each other, usually at right angles
A shallow hole for a door mat
A vertical bolt used to secure double casement doors or windows
A piece of square sawn timber 47 to 100mm thick and 275mm or more wide
A wearing topping of granolithic, terrazzo, or other mix laid on a fresh concrete slab and undergoing the same drying shrinkage
A preformed permanently flexible layer or strip squeezed between two layers to prevent leakage of a joint
A mixture of dark bituminous pitch with sand or gravel, used for surfacing roads, flooring, roofing etc
The most common borer. It attacks green hardwoods or softwoods
A type of safety glass that holds together when shattered. In the event of breaking it is held together by an interlayer, typically of polyvinyl butyral (PVB)
A truss with a large central vertical supporting post
The length of time for which an item remains usable, fit for consumption, or saleable
A cord for connecting a vertically sliding window sash with a counterweight
A joist which carries the ceiling beneath it. Can be a part of the roof or run separately below the floor joists of another storey
The traditional flat roof tile of concrete or burnt clay which in reality has a slight spherical camber
Brickwork, usually of headers, laid on edge for a capping or sill
A high quality vapor control layer, mostly used on the warm side of insulation, to prevent condensation, when associated with suitable ventilation from the cold side
A partition that can be taken down and moved without involving wet trades or damage to finishes
An electrical device to give early warning of a fire and set off a fire alarm
An architrave block
A timber connector made of galvanised steel sheet punched to form many rows of nails
Membrane roofing using high-performance materials such as bitumen-polymer reinforced with polyester fibers
A strip of metal or wood fixed to an external corner before it is plastered to reinforce it
A horizontal board set on edge at which rafters meet, usually about 230 mm high and 20 to 40 mm thick
Clay bricks made by extruding a strip of clay through a die and cutting it with wires held in a frame, followed by drying and firing

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