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A shallow trough fixed beneath the edge of a roof for carrying off rainwater
The draught that is created by warm buoyant air as it rises in a tall confined space. A fire fanned by the stack effect gives off hot gases, which created more draught.
A floor finish made of wooden flooring blocks which usually have tongued and grooved edges
AKA a 'fire barrier' it is a panel or mattress of non-combustible material (mineral fibre, brickwork, plaster etc) to cut off the path of smoke and flame
Wet hydrated lime which has been soaked overnight or longer to give it plasticity
The mortar, or other mix, used for rendering or stucco work. Cement based render needs similar curing to concrete
A tapered arch stone in a stone arch, or an arch brick in a brick arch
A prefabricated truss made of light timbers joined with nailplates, used in most new domestic roofs
The sucking-out of the water seal in a trap by the water falling down the stack or running down a drain
An expensive two part synthetic that cures to a strong, durable, resistant solid
Small-diameter plastics or metal tube (up to 50mm dia) inside which electrical cable are run, using the draw-in system
Absorbtion by lime of co2 from the air converting it to hard stable calcium carbonate
Concrete placed where it is required while fresh and allowed to harden
A place in a tree trunk from where a branch has grown out, can reduce the strength of wood
A panel or matress of non-combusting material to cut off the path of smoke and flame
A hinge for a swing door, such as a floor spring
Light construction equipment used to apply a smooth finish to concrete slabs
The vertical flank of a wall opening to the full thickness of the wall
Glazing with two layers of glass or clear plastic, separated by a cavity
The art or trade of a joiner
Cladding material formed into a wavy shape to stiffen it, either in metal or clear or translucent PVC or GRP
A spring operated device to keep a self closing door shut until deliberately opened
The visible upper surface of a room
A strip of impervious sheet material which excludes rainwater from the junction between a roof covering and another surface
A smooth, hard, non-dusting topping of marble chippings (often green) mixed with coloured cement, laid in-situ 20mm thick on fresh concrete
Stiff board made of compressed and treated wood pulp
A stair which on plan may be circular semicircular or elliptical it has tapered treads no newal posts and often landings between floors
The technology of indoor and automative environmental comfort
Fibre reinforced bitumen between layers of craft paper
A metal part which, until it melts, holds open a fire door or a fire damper against the force of its closer
The vertical rise of the roof divided by its horizontal span. The pitched roof is the most common type of roof, usually two slopes which meet at a central ridge
A figure which measures how well a material resists the flow of heat by conduction. It is the reciprocal of the k-value
A flat ring made of rubber, plastics, leather or fibre which is held by a nut to the underside of the jumper of a screwdown valve (or tap) to stop the flow of water
Timber dried in controlled conditions in a large oven called a kiln
High calcium lime
The outer wood of a tree, which before the tree was felled was living tissue and is softer and paler in colour than the heartwood
A half round overhanging edge to a stair tred, flat roof window sill etc. In concrete stone or timber
The Timber Research And Development Association
A protective coating of zinc on steel which is quite hard
The act or process of repairing or finishing joints in brickwork, masonry, etc, with mortar
A craftsman who works with wood
The first hardening of concrete mortar or render before which all placing should be done
Clay soil and straw or fine roots shaped in place to make the walling of an earth building
A weight attached by a cord to each side of a window sash to balance it at any height
Commonest hinge for doors
Fine tough fibres made by drawing a rapidly cooling molten glass, used for heat insulation or toughened plastics
Courses of varying depths
Material used for sealing something so as to make it airtight or watertight
A cement that hardens under water and is made by heating a slurry of clay and crushed chalk or limestone to clinker in a kiln
Movement of air into or out of a space, to provide fresh air, to carry away moisture, odours, or dangerous gases, or to allow free flow in drains

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