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A framing member crossing and supporting the ends of joists, studs, or rafters
A mixture of coarse and fine aggregate (sand and stone), cement and mixing water, plus any admixtures, that sets within a few hours of mixing
The material on the inside face of a flue, which must be able to withstand high temperatures as well as flue condensation
A plate round a key hole, usually metal
To coat (a metal, esp. aluminum) with a protective oxide layer by an electrolytic process in which the metal forms the anode
A door consisting of a frame around one or more transparent and/or translucent panels
The wood from a broad-leaved tree rather than from conifers
An undercoat of paint or size applied to prepare a surface, as for painting
Weatherboards tapered from 16-6mm thick
Rammed earth construction - walling for earth buildings made with dry gravelly loam without too much clay sometimes mixed with cement and rammed into formwork
A door made flush with a wall without dressings or moldings and often disguised by continuing the finishings or decorations of the wall across its surface
Facade cladding with sheets of glass (or other materials) held in a metal frame, giving a decorative and durable external skin to a building while saving weight and space. In many
Roof convering of external insulation ontop of menbrane roofing
A t shaped woodeen divider between the panes of glass in a traditional sash
Various connectors for timber framing made from galvanised steel pressed to shape with punched nail holes
An angle bead
The decay of timber because of dampness feeding the fungus
The stiffening of a floor on common joists by bridging between them with pairs of light struts forming crosses, fixed from the bottom of each joist to the top of its neighbour
The lowest horizontal member of a frame, framed partition, framed construction, or window frame.
UC section of square proportions (similar width and depth) used as an axially loaded column
A window with a sash hinged at its top edge, usually opening outwards and held by a casement stay
The facing bricks forming the outer skin of a cavity wall
The recommended type of flat roof, with external insulation on top of the supporting deck
Tough paper coated with powdered abrasive, such as emery, garnet, or glass
The angle a sloping roof, stair etc makes with a horizontal line
A steel column
Inexpensive sandpaper covered in abrasive powdered glass
A technique for joining two pieces of material by overlapping them in woodworking or metal fitting
A small drain hole for water. A weephole is drilled through the sill of a single-glazed window to allow condensation to escape
The molded frame around a doorway or window
A method of fixing dry linings such as gypsum, plasterboard to an uneven wall surface, using small bits of insulation board
A board or trim set on edges along the eaves, to carry the gutter and cover the rafter ends
A common joist of a timber framed floor, carrying the flooring
A welsh arch or a flat arch
A tool like a hammer with a wooden , plastic or rubber head used for striking thin, brittle or weak things
A lining to the inside of a building made of any panel board or tapered edge plasterboard, that doesnt need plastering, except for narrow strips over the joint strimming
Glass held with strong sealants and carrying some wind load
A flat door leaf, faced with plywood or hardboard, over a core of solid wood, chipboard, flaxboard, or cellular cardboard
A sloping board up each side of a stair to carry the ends of the treads and risers
House timber-frame construction with studs two full storeys high from the bottom plate to the roof plate, past the floor josts which are nailed to them
Vapour barrier, damp proof course etc
Natural stone aggregate bonded with cement used like solid stone
A cross-disciplinary area and the legal system concerned with protecting the safety, health and welfare of people
A door and frame of known fire resistant grading used in a fire wall ata protected opening
A bar used for holding open a casement
A light duty internal door, with little sound insulation
A hard silvery metal with good resistance to corrosion by unpolluted rain
A government department which advises on health, safety and welfare standards in industry under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974
Coatings that reduce the rate of heat loss from a surface
Replacing mortar that weather has eroded from face joints in brickwork, stonework etc

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