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The change in dimensions of a material such as timber, concrete or mortar as a result of a change in water content
An intermediate vertical timber in a framed partition OR A threaded steel rod used as a screw fixing OR A heavy steel pin fixed to steel floor beams
Hollow translucent block of toughened pressed glass, a glass brick
A roofing upstand on a parapet wall, particularly if formed in mortar or asphalt
Regulation laws in britain made under building act 1984
A beam or girder that carries secondary beams or other heavy loads
Plaster of paris shaped insitu by casting it in vinyl or rubber moulds for decorative work
Members joined together to form triangles, with some working in tension and others in compression
An intermediate rail on a framed door to carry a lock
An insect which eats most sorts of wood, looks like an ant and are found in tropical and warm temperate regions
Used to increase noise and heat insulation
A natural volcanic silica dust which produces Roman cement when crushed and mixed with lime and rubble
A clay brick of high compressive strength and low absorption
A clay floor tile made from ordinary clays usually 'as-dug' or trreated in a pug mill, formed by extrusion and fired in a kiln
A wooden batten fixed over sheathing felt to the roof decking, and under roof tiling battens, to allow any rainwater below the tiles to run away
A bathroom basin on top of a pedastal that stands on the floor
Toughened glass which breaks into small pieces, which are less harmful than the large splinters of ordinary glass
Paper pasted onto a wall as a base for wallpaper or paint
The body which issues Agrément certificates
Sheets of fibres matted into felt and bonded by saturating with bitumen or bitumen-polymer
A pattern of brickwork consisting entirely of headers
A concrete floating floor
A hard corrosion resistant alloy of copper and usually tin
A short round wooden rod
A wire cut brick
Light that is too bright causing either discomfort or eye strain
A weighty T-hinge
The heat produced in concrete, plaster, mortar etc from the chemical reactions of setting
The bond used in a half-brick built of stretchers with gaps between; the bricks are held only by bed joints at their ends
A person who installs and repairs piping, fixtures, appliances, and appurtenances in connection with the water supply, drainage systems, etc., both in and out of buildings.
A flush joint made by rubbing brickwork with sacking
Unplasticized polyvinal chloride, a rigid, chemically resistant form of PVC used for piping, window framesand other structures
Method of joining two panels together by means of one panel having a recessed shelf to receive the other panel on top of it leaving a flush surface
An area of glazing in a roof, either an opening light, a fixed light or simple rooflight sheet
A document agreed between producers and users that describes how things should be done
A building paper that is microporous to allow ventilation and the escape of water vapour
One of several framing timbers that share loads with others running parrallel to them at fairly close spacings
Water or other vapour in warm airturns to liquid when the air temperature drops below the dew-point (C) of liquid
Wood based building boards such as chip board, orientated strand board and fibre board
A permanent decreade in size, it may cause cracking or warping
A solid foundation laid below ground level to support or strengthen a building
Concrete made with only coarse aggregate and cement, without sand. Contains large pores which prevent capillary action and lets in driving rain or rising damp
The lowest member of a truss or girder
A building block made of sawdust, sand and cement and is nearly three times as insulating as dense as concrete
A pitched roof with heat insulation above the roof space, which is not ventilated, and with a vapour barrier under the insulation
The separation between veneers of plywood or between laminations of glued-laminated timberwork due to failure of the adhesive
A rough textured surface on concrete, made by removing a thin layer of cement and fines
Galvanised steel profiled sheeting, shaped fo use as composite decking or permanent formworkunder a concrete slab
A detatchable loose floor covering made from linseed oil and hessian with fillers of flax, chalk or softwood which is calendered to a smooth surface
A hydraulic cement made entirely from portland cement clinker

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