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Fairly strong building board used for structural panels, wall linings, floors, etc
Horizontal distance between two successive nosing creating a stair tread
An outer corner of a wall made with squared stones or bricks or blocks laid in alternating courses as a header in one wall and stretcher in the other
A shed dormer with a roof that is curved at each end to blend into the general roof with no sharp angles
A recess cut into a timber member to house a tenon, lock, etc
A stone is laid on its natural bed when its bedding planes are horizontal. Advisable for load bearing stones
Make an insulating foam that delays flame spread in a fire
A hard-wearing woven carpet with a dense cut-loop pile
A window in which one or more sashes are hinged to open
A short floor joist which encloses one side of a rectangular hole in a wooden floor carrying the full length joists which are cut off for the hole
A person whose occupation is to construct articles by joining pieces of wood
Pointing finished with a flush joint
A small beam over a door or window head usually carrying a wall load only
The expansion or contraction of materials due to temperature changes which are reversible day to night or between seasons and are thus cycilc movement
Two flaps joined by a pin through their knuckles, used for hanging a door-leaf from its frame
A roof covering of roof or straw or heather laid wet by thatching. Has a high insulative value but large fire risk
A front wall with formal decoration, or any outside wall wit high class cladding
On the surface of clay brick, powdery crystals that grow from the salts dissolved in the brick
Commonest reinforced plastic, suitable for making complicated shapes
A vertical bolt for locking double shutters
Building board with a core of aerated gypsum, usually enclosed between 2 sheets of heavy paper
Pitched roof with a break in each slope with a shallow top part and a steeper lower part
A sweeping geometric shape that results from straight lines running between the sides of a rectangle folded across its diagonal
A pitched roof which has four slopes instead of the two slopes of an ordinary gabled roof
Type of coating that is applied as a free-flowing, dry powder. Does not require a solvent
A curved timber, one of a pair, which supports the roof of a building
A straight metal fastener, usually with a head, hammered into position to secure one thing to another
The weight of contained or condensed water in a material expressed as a percentage of its dry weight
Factory made, precast or spray moulded portland cement reinforced with alkaline resitant glass fibres
Foam insulation on the outside of a wall or roof to keep the building warm
Facework, or soft bricks sawn to shape or rubbed smooth
A tradesman who cuts glass and fixes it in a window or door frame
Textured wallpaper made by applying small synthetic fibre particles to adhesive coated paper which creates a tactile surface resembling patterned velvet
Plasterwork in imitation of ornamental marble, consisting of ground gypsum and glue colored with marble or granite dust
An alloy of iron and carbon. It is heavy, strong, tough, and stiff, but difficult to work and expect for stainless steel, easily attacked by corrosion
A masonry joint in which a thin line has been cut in the face of the mortar between bricks after it has been smoothed with a metal tool
A bell or other sounder to warn people of fire
Various loose, particulate materials, as sand, gravel, or pebbles, added to a cementing agent to make concrete, plaster
Panic hardware to operate the cremona bolt of a double door
A concave moulding joining a wall to a ceiling or floor
Galvanised steel sheet which is used to connect timber, punched to form many rows of nails
One of several framing timbers that share loads with others running parrallel to them at fairly close spacings
A vertical pipe which takes discharge down from the parts of a building above ground into the soil drain
A metal plate on the shutting stile of a door at hand level to protect the door frame fromm dirt or minor damage by peoples hands
The latency (delay) between the initiation and execution of a process
A lock with a cylinder containing a plug, which can be turned once the right key is inserted in a slot, raising pin tumblers or disc tumblers to the right height
The craft of cutting and joining timber
A v groove with rounded edges resembling the centre of an opn book used in timber joinery
A dimension written on a drawing thats not scaled
The permission required in the United Kingdom in order to be allowed to build on land, or change the use of land or buildings

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