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reactionmechanismreagents and conditions
alkane → haloalkane
haloalkane → alkane
haloalkane → primary amine
primary amine → secondary amine
secondary amine → tertiary amine
tertiary amine → quaternary ammonium salt
haloalkane → nitrile
nitrile → primary amine
nitrile → carboxylic acid
alkane → alkene
alkene → primary, secondary, or tertiary alcohol
alcohol → alkene
primary alcohol → aldehyde
aldehyde → primary alcohol
aldehyde → carboxylic acid
carboxylic acid → aldehyde
carboxylic acid → ester
ester → carboxylic acid
carboxylic acid → acid chloride
acid chloride → carboxylic acid
acid chloride → amide [eg CH3-CONH-R]
secondary alcohol → ketone
ketone → secondary alcohol
ketone or aldehyde → 2-hydroxynitrile [eg CH3-CH(OH)CN]

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