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(1473-1543)A polish monk, mathematician, and astronomer who was the first to propose the idea of a heliocentric solar system and that all the planets rotated around the sun, rather
Pope from 1503-1513. Known as the 'warrior pope' because he led his arm fighting for more land.
(r. 1485-1509) The Victor of the Battle of Bosworth Field. He became the first Tudor to rule in England.
(1558-1603)daughter of Henry VIII and Ann Boelyn. The last of the Tudors to rule in England. She sought a religious settlement that would satisfy the majority. She repealed most pr
(1542-1587)A Catholic queen who was abdicated in favor of her son. She fled to England and had a claim to succeed Elizabeth on the English throne. She supported many plots against
The French royal family from Phillip VI in 1328 through Henry III in 1589.
A priest who gave sermons against corruption. He had traditional values and he overthrew the Medicis until he was excommunicated and then re-overthrown
A married couple and ruler of Spain during the Spanish Inquistion where they tried to drive out or convert all of the Moors and Jews because Spanish=Catholic and CAtholic=Spanish
(1449-1492)A diplomat and politician. The ruler in Florence during the Italian Renaissance. A member of the Medici family.
(r. 1509-1547)self appointed head of the Church of England. He was in need of an heir and is the Tudor famous for having six wives. His first two wives had girls, Mary and Elizabet
(r. 1553-1558)Daughter of Henry VIII and Catherine of Aragon. She attempted to restore Catholicism in England. She prosecuted English Protestants and some 300 people were burned at
(1478-1529)A Humanist who wrote 'The Courtier' in which he presented the rules of gentlemanly behavior.
(1256-1321)Often regarded as the first author of the Italian Renaissance with his epic poem written in Italian, 'The Divine Comedy'
(1394-1460)Son of Portugal's King John I. Had an interest in Africa and wanted to bring Christianity to Africa.
(1378-1455)Known for making the bronze doors of the baptistery in Florence which depicted scenes of the cross.
(1377-1446)First major architect of the Italian Renaissance. Most famous for the octagonal dome of the Cathedral of Florence.
An English sea captain who was second in command of the English fleet against the Spanish Armada
(1483-1546)A monk who wrote the '95 Theses' against the corruption in the RCC. He founded the Lutheran church and is famous for saying 'Here I stand, I can't do otherwise' when ask
(c.1510-1572)Scottish clergyman and leader of the Protestant Reformation.
A famous indulgence seller of the Roman Catholic Church.
(1491-1556)A Spanish man who started the sect of Christianity called the Society of Jesus (Jesuits)
(r. 1516-1556)King of Spain after the death of his grandfather, King Ferdinand. He also inherited the throne in the Holy Roman Empire.
(1509-1564)French man who studied law and theology. He developed his own views of Christianity. He believed in predestination and is known for founding Calvinism.
(r. 1589-1610)The first Bourbon to wear a French crown. He was Protestant but then he converted to Catholicism. Issued the Edict of Nantes.
(c. 1400-1468)Credited with having set up the first practical printing press, metal moving type,
(1456-1536)A Dutch Humanist write of 'In Praise of Folly' which was a satire on corruption in the church.
Italian Renaissance painter famous for painting 'The School of Athens'
(1519-1559)The husband of Catherine de Medici, became king in France after the death of his father, Francis I.
(1547-1616)A contemporary of William Shakespeare. His most famous work was 'Don Quixote' which is considered by some literary critics as the greatest novel ever written.
The merchant family of Augsburg. A prominent group of European bankers.
The eldest son of Charles V. Became the king of Spain while his younger brother inherited the HRE throne.
(1304-1374)Known for his love lyrics and poems written to someone named Laura. A humanism writer who emphasized that love is important.
(1469-1527)A Florentine writer who is famous for writing 'The Prince' which is a book on how to be a good, strong ruler so someone can become strong enough to unite Italy.
(1519-1589)Wife of Henry II of France and became the regent for her 10 year old son after Henry's death.
(1561-1626)English attorney and royal official. Not a professional scientist, but promoted modern science. Insisted that a valid conclusion about the physical universe could be rea
(c. 1469-1524)He sailed from Portugal around the Cape of Good Hope. He sailed from Portugal to India and back, proving it could be done.
the leader of the Spanish Inquisition where they tried to convert all the Moors and Jews in Spain. And if they didn't convert. he drove them out.
An Italian Renaissance sculptor who made a statue of Mary holding Jesus that showed very great detail and almost looked real.
Pope from 1513-1521) A Medici and known for being a big spender. He built new apartments for the Pope to live in and also continued in the selling of indulgennces.
Italian Renaissance painter most famous for 'The Last Supper' and 'the Mona Lisa'
(1478-1535)England's greatest Humanist. He wrote the book 'Utopia' depicting a perfect society.
(1451-1506)a seaman who believed that it was possible to sail to the Indies in the west. He ended up landing in North America even though the entire time he thought we was in India
(1386-1466)A Florence sculptor most famous for his bronze statue of David during the Italian Renaissance, It was the first free standing nude statue since the Roman era.e
(c. 1480-1521)He set out on a voyage in search of an elusive route west to Asia and one of his ships was the first ship to circumnavigate the Earth.
The Ruling family in France from Henry IV in 1589 through Louis XVI in 1792

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