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'We all go a little mad sometimes.'
'Oh my God! We hit a boot!'
'Tonight is the night of the show, ya'll!'
'Sorry. Hope I didn't dent your 'do.'
'The lead singer is extra salty.'
'I can't go out (cough) I'm sick.'
'You can call me Flower if you want to.'
'A man is a man... is a chicken.'
'I think you have the job. But let me make sure of something. That is a giant...'
'But I have good news. I just got a ticket to the matinee of Hairspray!'
QuotesMovie Title
'Ugh, you are a snob and a half.'
'And in the end should someone die?'
'Where to, miss?' ... 'To the stars.'
'I know that you're angry! I'm angry!'
'I love my child. Why would I want to push my child away from me?'
'We had sex, mommy. And not the regular kind. The really dirty kind.'
'Brown lawns are for poor people. Do you think J. Lo has a brown lawn?'
'Cole, look at my face. Do I look mad to you?'
'Peter doesn't have a cat.' (Meow)
'Crystal? Crystal?... Oh, Jesus Christ, Jane!'

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