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This european country granted women the right to vote in 1984.
10% of this country's population left the country for the United States during the revolution
Highest Muslim population
This country has an unemployment rate of 0%
This island nation, 5 feet above sea level is slowly sinking away as water levels rise
The national anthem of this country curses the 'evil swedes'
The fastest internet connection is located in this country
This is the largest country in the world without any farms
This country has a bill of rights for cows.
Has the shortest national anthem in the world (4 lines)
This Asian country is double land-locked
This country has the highest population density in the world
This nation houses the tallest building in the world
The most conquered country in history
Poorest country in the world (lowest GDP per capitia)
Lowest age for obtaining a driver's permit (15)
Highest peak in the world
Only country in the world with a single colored flag
This country has no formal gouvernment
The largest man made lake in the world is in this country
Most Overweight country in the World
It is against the law to be drunk in a pub or bar in this country
Alcohol consumption is illegal in this African country
Lowest voting age (15)

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