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Can you name the Surnames of every Survivor winner and runner-up?

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First NameSurname
Survivor Borneo: Richard
Survivor Borneo: Kelly
Survivor Australian Outback: Tina
Survivor Australian Outback: Colby
Survivor Africa: Ethan
Survivor Africa: Kim
Survivor Marquesas: Vecepia
Survivor Marquesas: Neleh
Survivor Thailand: Brian
Survivor Thailand: Clay
Survivor Amazon: Jenna
Survivor Amazon: Matthew 'Matt'
Survivor Pearl Islands: Sandra
Survivor Pearl Islands: Lillian 'Lil'
Survivor All-Stars: Amber
Survivor All-Stars: Rob
Survivor Vanuatu: Chris
Survivor Vanuatu: Twila
Survivor Palau: Tom
Survivor Palau: Katie
Survivor Guatemala: Danni
Survivor Guatemala: Stephenie
Survivor Exile Island: Aras
First NameSurname
Survivor Exile Island: Danielle
Survivor Cook Islands: Yul
Survivor Cook Islands: Ozzy
Survivor Fiji: Earl
Survivor Fiji: Cassandra
Survivor Fiji: Andria 'Dre/Dreamz'
Survivor China: Todd
Survivor China: Courtney
Survivor Micronesia: Parvati
Survivor Micronesia: Amanda
Survivor Gabon: Bob
Survivor Gabon: Susie
Survivor Tocantins: James 'JT'
Survivor Tocantins: Stephen
Survivor Samoa: Natalie
Survivor Samoa: Russell
Survivor Heroes vs. Villains: Sandra
Survivor Heroes vs.Villains: Parvati
Survivor Nicaragua: Judson 'Fabio'
Survivor Nicaragua: Chase
Survivor Redemption Island: Rob
Survivor Redemption Island: Phillip

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