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Uluru. Wombat.
Maori. Sheep.
Cheeseburger. Obama.
Maasai. Mombasa.
Checkpoint. Currywurst.
Cold. Eyjafjallajökull.
Kony. Swahili.
Wall. Population.
Fjord. Scandinavia.
Apartheid. Mandela.
Amazon. Portuguese.
Kilimanjaro. Safari.
Caramoan. Manila.
Lady-Boys. Beach.
Moose. Sorry.
Fries. Chocolate.
Small. Pope.
Konichiwa. Nagasaki.
Pyramid. Cleopatra.
Bali. Islands.
Green. Guinness.
Ikea. ABBA.
Ouagadougou. Africa.
Gobi. Nomads.
Borat. Landlocked.
Sporcle. Spelling.
Llama. Cusco.
Pizza. Pasta.
370. Petronas.
Argo. Islam.

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