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States don't have to recognize same-sex marriage
Ended federal entitlement status of welfare. Instead, block grants given to states
Discrimination against old people prohibited.
Gender discrimination in federally subsidized programs prohibited
CBO must study impact of unfunded mandates on states
Congressional budget committees created. Deferral and rescission
Limits political activities of civil service employees
Allowed public access to nonclassified federal documents
Encouraged voter registration by allowing people to register while doing driver's license renewals/applications
Emissions standards established
Job discrimination against disabled prohibited. Increased access to facilities for disabled.
Increased government power for surveillance, searches, and detainment in order to combat terrorism
Literacy tests banned. Federal government can count ballots, register voters, approve procedure changes
Restored compelling purpose guideline for courts when dealing with religion. Struck down later
Sanctions against schools that fail to meet standards. Annual tests imposed on students
Created FEC. Limits placed on contributions. Disclosure of contributions required. Subsidies for candidates provided.
Employment discrimination banned. Racial preferences in hiring okay. Affirmative action required.
President can send troops overseas only if he notifies Congress within 48 hours and withdraws within 90 days
Gradual budget reduction targets set. If targets not met: sequester
Hard money limit raised to $2000. Soft money contributions to national parties banned.

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