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Can you name the strait, given the waters it connects?

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Connected Bodies of WaterStrait
Mediterranean Sea & Atlantic Ocean
Tyrrhenian Sea & Ionian Sea
Ionian Sea & Adriatic Sea
Black Sea & Sea of Marmara
Sea of Marmara & Aegean Sea
Sea of Japan & East China Sea
East China Sea & South China Sea
South China Sea & Andaman Sea
Persian Gulf & Gulf of Oman
Red Sea & Gulf of Aden
Connected Bodies of WaterStrait
Baffin Bay & Labrador Sea
Labrador Sea & Hudson Bay
Labrador Sea & Gulf of St. Lawrence
Gulf of Mexico & Atlantic Ocean
Lake Michigan & Lake Huron
Puget Sound & Pacific Ocean
Bering Sea & Chukchi Sea
Bahia Grande (Atlantic) & Pacific Ocean
Coral Sea & Arafura Sea
Tasman Sea & Wellington Harbor (Pacific)

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