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Can you name the answer with the correctly used (or unused) apostrophe?

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Amid much fanfare, the football team filed onto two ____.A) buses B) bus's C) bus'es
Sven carries only dim memories of his college days in the ____.A) 70s B) 70's C) '70s
Mark McGwire appeared much slimmer when he played for the Oakland ____.A) As B) A's C) ''A''s
Gardeners, orchardists, and artisans from surrounding counties have stalls at our local _____ market.A) farmers B) farmer's C) farmers'
One farmer specializes in _____ and sells them 4/$1.A) cucumbers B) cucumber's C) cucumbers'
Before starting my new job, I insisted on giving my old boss at least two _____ notice.A) weeks B) week's C) weeks'
I worked as a tutor helping high schoolers prepare for their _____.A) ''SAT''S B) SAT's C) SATs
It was so embarassing! I walked into the ____ room and didn't realize it until I saw the urinals.A) mens B) men's C) mens'
____ a small world after all.A) Its B) It's C) Its'
Our poodle could spend hours chasing ____ own tail.A) its B) it's C) its'

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