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What is a large movement of people form the countryside to the city (form the rural area to the urban)?
What is a very heavily populated, impoverished urban area called?
What is the main cause of overcrowding, starvation, poverty, drugs and gangs, pollution, homelessness, serious health conditions, etc. ?
Who was in control of South Asia around 1947?
What two religions were the main focus in India at this time (1947)?
What country was to be separated from India?
What are the housing conditions like in the slums?
Is access to water easy in slums?
What was the name of the event in 1947 when India was given freedom and Pakistan was made a separate country?
What is one of the diversities in India?
What is the main religion in the Middle East?
Who was the messenger or prophet of Islam?
What are the core beliefs of Islam?
What two rivers run through Syria, Turkey, and Iraq?
From where does America get most of its oil?
What two religions is Islam very similar to?

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