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Can you name the Rips, and then it becomes unbeatable?

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 Also Known as Lobes
 dont worry about the surname
 Also Known as Big Head
 has a pea head
 Not Ryan Fagan
 First Name: Andrew
 Probs not a rip, but couldnt resist....
 probs not a rip....
 Known as Dick Bear
 'Plastic Jack'
 Tom _____
 Name the singer as well as who the song is about
 uncle Nige....
 Also known as Elf
 also is ginger, and wears glasses
 A blonde **** in our year
 Answer: Ok
 Lol jk, Answer: erm.... NOOOO
 IF your not bill brightman, Answer is: Dominic Thompson
 Answer: Will I? 'BTW, extra info is the answers until you reach 46
 I no, im so helpless at this game
 Just type 1 until 46
 i think your 10 minutes is up!!!!!
 Im not telling you the answer this time!!!!

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