Marine Organisms by Latin Name

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Can you name the common names of these UK marine organisms?

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Latin Name/ClassificationCommon NameHint
Mytilus spp.Yummy
Fucus spp.Plant
Carcinus maenasPinchy
Littorina spp.
Patella spp.
Semibalanus spp.Also Chthamalus spp.
Echinus spp.Spiky
Ascidiella spp.
Nucella spp.
Pisaster spp., Asterias spp.,
Latin Name/ClassificationCommon NameHint
Oscillatoria, SynechococcusPhytoplankton...
Calanus spp.
Crepidula fornicataSexy
Physalia physalisWatch your grammar...
Nereis diversicolorNo legs
Ulva spp.Plant
Hydrobia spp.
Crangon crangonFound in the Thames Estuary

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