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I'll put the sweetness in your teaMr.Wonderful
You say baby steps and I Can't Sleep Tonight
We would write our names on everything, but we're notTeenage Hearts
Need a fix can you give me some? Wait a minute so you're not justBe There
Drop your calls and lose your keys, beforeNot You Birthday
I'm gettin buzzed, gettin buzzed, just because, just because. Our heads might hurt tomorrowBuzzed
East coast girl tryin' to catch the sun, came out west and weMeet Me in the Middle
I think that you should grow up, grow up andClock Runs Out
You won't believe it, but when I say it I mean it, cause in my head I can see it,When I Get Paid
Any place you're going is whereDo It 2 Me
Girls on the roof say 'Hey we're steppin inside', it looks like Life As We Know It
I woke up, felt kind of awkward in these shoes, seemed all the people on the streets, blocked every way I reached whenUndercover
I put my shirt onCome Down With Love
Am I rich or am I poorJourney to the End of My Life
And just like a roller coaster you kept meHere With You
Not the biggest sports fan, but my bandA Different Side of Me
Since the day we met, you know I won't forget, no baby myAmy
Hey princess, in a white dress, chuck taylors,Hey, Princess
When you're talkin to a lady it'sJames (Never Change)
I don't wanna be lookin' back in '23 saying to myself 'you got a lot ofCatching Up
Saddle up and ride with me,All the Way
It feels like we're living a dream, but tonightDance Forever
You keep insisting, sayingSorry...
It might take years for you to miss me, truth isBend or Break
My voice shook when I said hello, and from that wordBlame It on September

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