Drawn to Life Characters

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Ze best cook in ze Raposa world
Very famous Rapo singer
The Daughter of the Mayor
Eccentric stocking-capped Rapo
Megalomaniac king of Lavasteam
Representative of the Council in the Galactic Jungle
Mysterious mute girl
A detective, tries to catch the thief
The only human in the Rapo world
The tool of the all-powerful being, the player character
All-powerful being (AKA you)
Grows banya crop
Sadistic shadow Raposa, the villain
A mysterious thief
Watersong Mayor's son
Egotistical 'Phantom of the Opera' Rapo
Mayor of Watersong Village
Adventurous Raposa, likes Mari
The leader of the Raposa village
A pirate Rapo, pilots the Turtle Rock

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