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Mayor of Watersong Village
The tool of the all-powerful being, the player character
The Daughter of the Mayor
Eccentric stocking-capped Rapo
A mysterious thief
The leader of the Raposa village
Megalomaniac king of Lavasteam
The only human in the Rapo world
Very famous Rapo singer
Watersong Mayor's son
Representative of the Council in the Galactic Jungle
A detective, tries to catch the thief
Sadistic shadow Raposa, the villain
All-powerful being (AKA you)
Ze best cook in ze Raposa world
Adventurous Raposa, likes Mari
Mysterious mute girl
Egotistical 'Phantom of the Opera' Rapo
A pirate Rapo, pilots the Turtle Rock
Grows banya crop

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