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Character DescriptionCharacter's Name
Puts out fires for the Rebellion
Princess of Bright Moon
Can transform into a cat with a magical mask
Bumbling witch
Has butterfly wings and the power of flight
Spy for the Rebellion
Can change his shape; only appears once
Mermaid who can transform into a human
Traps opponents with her long hair
The Princess of Power
Master archer
Hides in each episode and gives the moral
Octopus woman, member of the Horde
Ruler of the Intergalactic Horde (not just on Etheria)
Flying unicorn's alter-ego
Queen of Bright Moon
Beast-like member of the Horde
Wise-cracking creature, cross between a koala and an owl
Scorpion woman of the Horde
Brave pirate who sails through the clouds
Character DescriptionCharacter's Name
He has green skin and suction pads on his hands
Archer's horse
Ditzy blonde who likes flowers
Robot with multiple body parts
Scientist for the Horde, has multiple bodies
Evil sorceress of the Horde
Magical guardian of Crystal Castle
Creates whirlwinds with her dancing
Her peacock feathers give her enhanced sight
Shape-shifting, annoying spy for the Horde
Witch's companion
Powerful sorceress and Queen of Mystacor
Has four legs and eyes that pop out
Throws nets to trap her enemies
She-Ra's flying unicorn
Ruler of the Horde on Etheria
Queen of the Kingdom of Snows
She-Ra's real identity
Member of the Bee People

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