Final Fantasy Tactics Jobs by Skills

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Steal HeartCharms an enemy that is of the
Any GroundWalk easily over waterlands like rivers
Half of MPMP used when casting magic is half
Sunken StateHide by becoming invisible
Move +3Increase movement range by 3
FlareBlack magic burns an entire area by converting ultra-energy to heat
HammerAllow you to throw a flail
ConcentrateCannot evade your attacks
ParalyzeDoesn't allow enemy to take action
Move-Get JPGain JP as you move
SalamanderMonster burns battlefield with scorching red flame
Hell IvyElemental that damages with mysterious powers of plants
LevelMath skill to calculate level
Level Jump5Allows you to jump 5 panels horizontally
Counter MagicWhen attacked by magic, counter with same
Gained JP UPAmound of JP earned in battle is increased
Echo GrassEcho Grass lets you cast magic again
Short ChargeCT is shortened
CounterCounter with physical attack
Magic DefendUPMagic attack damage is lessened
Dragon SpiritProtection from death
DemiDamages with the powerful pull of gravity by creating ultra high-density space
Last SongUltimate song. Raises ally's CT count to 100
Witch HuntCauses MP damage with a mysterious costume
MimicCopies ally's actions
ChakraRestore HP and MP by focusing one's mind on vital pressure points and blood vessels
HolyWhite magic attacks by enveloping enemy withing a holy light
Armor BreakUsed to destroy item equipped on enemy's chest
Equip GunEquip gun regardless of Job
Jump +3Increase jump elevation by 3
Death SentenceSkill foretells the enemy's death
Heaven's CloudEthereal spirit flows out and attacks
Secret HuntIf you beat a monster, you can take it to a fur shop
Weapon GuardParry attacks with equipped weapon
Blade GraspEvade physical attack
Move-MP UpRecover MP as you move
DashRun into enemy with body
Charge +10The more you charge, the stronger attack power will be
Equip ChangeChange equipment even in battle

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