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Can you name the male names given the first three Google suggestions for them?

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Google SuggestionsName
Sandler, Lambert, Carolla
Yurman, Bowie, Letterman
Hart, Bacon, Love
Waldo Emerson, Fiennes, Nader
Sinatra, Zappa, Lloyd Wright
Washington, Soros, Mason University
Sonoma, and Mary, Shakespeare
Schwab, Manson, Dickens
Wilson, Regan, Eno
Jefferson, the Train, Edison
A. Bank, Stalin, Gordon-Levitt
Avery, Franco, Madison
In the box, Johnson, Black
Google SuggestionsName
Luck, Jackson, Garfield
Columbus, Hitchens, Nolan
Ford, VIII, Rollins
Lennon, Deere, Boehner
The Great, Hamilton, McQueen
Zuckerberg, Twain, Madoff
Holbrooke, Dawkins, Nixon
Tosh, Radcliffe, Fast
Tyler, Spielberg, Seagal
Vick, Kors, Brea
Louis Stevenson, Pattinson, Frost
Adams, Koch, L. Jackson
Cézanne, McCartney, Jr. Designs

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