Game of Thrones Characters by TV Tropes

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Can you name the Game of Thrones Characters by Tv Tropes?

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Combat Pragmatist, Only In It For The Money, Servile Snarker
Young Conqueror, Awesome Moment of Crowning, Love Makes You Dumb
Bratty Teenage Daughter, Break The Haughty, Please Spare Him, My Liege!
Guile Hero, Chivalrous Pervert, Jerk With A Heart Of Gold
He Knows Too Much, Recurring Dreams, A Child Shall Lead Them
Becoming The Mask, I Choose To Stay, Bodyguard Crush
Arranged Marriage, Manipulative Bitch, God Save Us From The Queen!
The Chessmaster, Sleazy Politician, Comforting The Widow
The Spymaster, Deadpan Snarker, Knowledge Broker
Pretty Boy, Knight In Shining Armor, Camp Gay
Boisterous Bruiser, Adipose Rex, Hunting Accident
Heroic Bastard, Quit Your Whining, Wouldn't Hit A Girl
Bookworm, Plucky Comic Relief, Lovable Coward
Evil Sorceress, Black and White Morality, Lady In Red
Gentle Giant, Verbal Tic Name, Biggus Dickus
Action Girl, No Guy Wants An Amazon, Undying Loyalty
Honor Before Reason, Horrible Judge of Character, Anyone Can Die
Little Miss Badass, Children Forced To Kill, Madness Mantra
White-Haired Pretty Girl, Messianic Archetype, Cool Pet
Royal Brat, The Caligula, Dirty Coward

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