LOST Characters by TV tropes

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Can you name the LOST characters by TV tropes?

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Jerk With A Heart Of Gold, You Killed My Father, The Nicknamer
Too Dumb To Live, Explosive Stupidity, Embarassing First Name
Chronic Hero Syndrome, Well Done Son Guy, Beard Of Sorrow
Pretty Freeloader, Defrosting Ice Queen, Flirty Stepsiblings
Plucky Comic Relief, Cosmic Plaything, I See Dead People
Deadpan Snarker, Genre Savvy, Phony Psychic
Mr. Exposition, The Time Traveller’s Dilemma, Heroes Want Redheads
Eyepatch Of Power, Russian Guy Suffers Most, Rasputinian Death
The Stoic, Heartbroken Badass, Jack Bauer Interrogation Technique
Horrible Judge Of Character, I Just Want To Be Special, Knife Nut
Disc One Final Boss, Alas Poor Villain, Straight Gay
Enigmatic Minion, Older Than They Look, I Cannot Self Terminate
Mafia Princess, But I Can’t Be Pregnant, Together In Death
The Quiet One, Badass Preacher, I Did What I Had To Do
Creepy Awesome, Chronic Backstabbing Disorder, Magnificent Bastard
Corrupt Corporate Executive, Screw The Rules I Have Money, Evil Brit
Crazy Survivalist, Go Mad From The Isolation, Nostalgic Music Box
Big Bad, Manipulative Bastard, No Name Given
Psycho For Hire, Sociopathic Soldier, Complete Monster
Action Girl, Romantic Plot Tumour, Scarily Competent Tracker

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