Riddles with NBA players names?

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Can you name the Riddles with NBA players names??

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Bears love to hunt fresh ________
If Bill Murray could jump really high
_______, this quiz is really hard
That _______ is always at the bar!
The key to a song is ________
That girl gives me a huge _________!
Parent saying to child: You better not break the _________!
How do you like your eggs, scrambled or ________?
Dang, I have to make sure i study for that __________ tomorrow
The alcoholic was depressed when he had ______________
We can skate when the lake begins to ________
These are a nice _______ of shoes
Good thing this guy made an ark
The California Gold ______
Red Sox fan: Freakin' Aaron _______!
Not in my ______!
I need to fill up on ________ine
Wow that pink meat is very sly

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