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ClueThingFun Fact
1st troop in barracks
2nd troop in barracks
3rd troop in barracks
4th troop in barracks
5th troop in barracks
6th troop in barracks
7th troop in barracks
8th troop in barracks
9th troop in barracks
10th troop in barracks
1st troop in dark barracks
ClueThingFun Fact
2nd troop in dark barracks
3rd troop in dark barracks
4th troop in dark barracks
How much Dark Elixir does it cost to train 1 level 1 golem?
How many Gold Storages can you get in total (with highest town hall level possible)
Who is the best player in the world (as of July 2013)
What is the highest level wall possible?
Which currency is used for buying/upgrading town halls?
Which spell do you get at a level 5 spell factory?
Which company created the game?

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