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Collective name given to those who opposed and protested the war back in America, normally students opposing the draft or unjust involvementA
A major religious faith that suffered much persecution in South Vietnam during the warB
Term used by Americans to refer to the Viet CongC
Last name of the president of South Vietnam until 1963, when he was eventually assassinated in a coupD
The term coined to describe the rise in military commitment from the USA, in retaliation to the rise of insurgency and attacks from the NorthE
Colonial nation that officially controlled Vietnam until the revolution in 1945 and fought the war up until 1954 F
Conference in Switzerland in 1954 that resulted in [F] pulling out and America taking over the running of the warG
The route through Laos and Cambodia that was used by North Vietnam to supply their troops and insurgents H
The collective name given to the area comprised by Vietnam, Laos and CambodiaI
36th American President, who first committed US troops to combat roles in VietnamJ
35th American President, assassinated in 1963. It was believed that he planned to pull out of Vietnam after the 1964 election had he survivedK
An operation under President Richard Nixon in 1972 which saw the bombing of North Vietnam resume after the bombing halt in 1968L
Classification given to 2,646 American troops by 1973; it means their location and condition is unknownM
Flammable weapon used by America in air strikes throughout the warN
May 4th 1970, four students were killed after the National Guard shot them for protesting the war at Kent State University which is in this American stateO
1986 Oscar winning war film by director Oliver Stone and starring Tom Berenger and Charlie SheenP
An analogy often used to describe the fragile position of American involvement. By definition; a precarious or sticky situationQ
An American operation that saw the intense bombing of North Vietnam, beginning March 2nd 1965R
Capital of South Vietnam during the war. The end of the war is attributed to when this city fell to the North. Now called Ho Chi Minh CityS
A large scale attack launched on the South from the Vietcong and North Vietnam in 1968; named after the Vietnamese new yearT
Communist nation that supplied the North with weapons, medical aid and equipmentU
Policy under President Nixon to train and equip Southern Vietnamese troops in order to reduce United States military commitmentV
American General in charge of military operations in Vietnam 1964-1968W
A large town in South Vietnam. A battle took place here that is considered to be the final large scale battle of the Vietnam WarX
The word for the letter Y in the new Nato Phonetic alphabet that came into circulation after 1956Y
Brand of lighter commonly used by soldiers in the war due to their durabilityZ

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