Bones of the human skeleton

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Can you name the Bones of the human skeleton?

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Identify the boneBone
The _______ bones articulate with the frontal bone at the coronal suture
The _______ is also known as C1, because it is the first vertebra of the neck
The ______ is the second bone of the neck
This cranial bone is shaped like a bat
Which carpal bone articulates with the thumb?q
Which antebrachial bone forms the bony part of the elbow?
Each hip bone is formed from te fusion of these three bones: the pubic bone, the ilium, and the ______
Which bone tarsal bone articulates with the bones of the pinkie toe?
Which tarsal bone makes your heel?
Which bone sits on top of the calcaneus?
The ______ bones are distal to the carpals, but proximal to the phalanges of the hand
The kneecap is also called the ______
Identify the boneBone
The small spiny bone at the bottom of the vertebral column is called the _____
This _____ and the clavicle make up the pectoral (shoulder) girdle
The _____ articulates proximally with the scapula, and distally with the radius and ulna
The lower leg bone that bears most of the weight is the ______
If a vertebra has a very large, kidney-shaped body, a short, blunt spinous process, and a triangular vertebral foramen, it is probably a ______ vertebra
How many curvatures are there in a typical adult vertebral column?
How many carpal bones are in each hand?
How many tarsal bones in each foot?
The ______ bone is also called the cheekbone
The ______ allows the spinal cord to exit the cranium
The ______ bone houses the tear duct

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