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1533-1584Named himself first tsar, was 'terrible'
1584-1598Son of previous tsar, mentally incompetent
1598-1605Proclaimed tsar by national assembly, warred against Sweden
1605Teenager, named after a previous ruler
1605-1606tolerant of other religions, didn't crush rebellions using force
1606-1610had previous ruler murdered, died in slavery in Poland
1610-1613Foreign Ruler
1613-1645First Romanov tsar
1645-1676secured peace with Poland
1676-1682sick most of reign and ruled from bed
1682-1696Ruled with next ruler for a short period of time
1682-1725Built St. Petersburg
1725-1727Mistress of previous ruler, first female tsar
1727-1730died of smallpox
1730-1740Oversaw beginning of Russia's eastern expansion (Asia)
1740-17418 years old when proclaimed tsar
1741-1762Founded University of Moscow and the Academy of Fine Arts in St. Petersburg
1762Pulled Russia out of the Seven Years War, killed by next ruler
1762-1796Rumored to really like horses
1796-1801Mentaly incapable, unoffically killed to make way for new leader
1801-1825Repelled Napolean's invasion of Russia
1825-1855ruler during Crimean War
1855-1881abolished serf system
1881-1894led massive forced Russification and industrialization of Russia
1894-1917Last tsar, involved Russia in WW1, killed by bolsheviks

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