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Some things are meant to be left alone, Agent Farnsworth.
Row, row, row your boat gently down the stream, merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily … life is but a dream …
Hello, Liv.
Please let me out of here ... no, no, no. No! No! No!
Thank you for bringing these back.
Hello, Son.
Okay. Well you call me when you land.
It didn't work. Nothing happened. All I saw was black.
You designed a door to the other side, I want you to think about that door.
Because whatever's in those cases is gonna destroy us all.
Well then, let’s not keep her waiting.
Good night.
I'm glad you choose to see me the way you do, very glad indeed.
Little Hill.
According to Boone, the man who's funding Z.F.T ... is William Bell.
Happy Birthday, Peter.
Olivia, please don't tell him.
I will prove it Liv - that I love you - always.
I love you, too.
We had no choice, once he started breathing again.
Yes, I am concerned too.
He left me Massive Dynamic. I'm the sole shareholder.
Warmest Regards, Nina.
Last LineEpisodeSpoken By
Olivia, we'll find them.
Walter is in trouble, and I'm quite confident we don't have much time.
It's alright Olive ... everything's going to be okay.
Simon says … (fades into laughter).
The answer to your second ... I'm William Bell.
I'm gonna go hit the hay.
Good night, my son.
You can't imagine what it's like to lose a child.
I have to tell him who he really is.
Question him.
And the rest, you don't remember it?
It's true.
Whatever they needed from you they have it now. It's not safe for you here anymore Olivia. You have to go home.
I'm sure tomorrow will bring the usual insanity, might as well enjoy a night off.
He's gone.
Let me know when it's finished.
I think he's speaking Russian.
So do you.
What are you - a size eight?
Good work.
It's a shame things are about to get so hard for her.
Uh ... I don't want to talk.
You're most welcome - have a good night.
Peter Bishop, really?

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