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Can you name the missing words in the following Raiders of the Lost Ark Quotes?

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QuoteMissing WordsSpeaker (Number of words)
Poison is still fresh. _____________Satipo (2)
Throw me the idol. _____________Satipo (5)
That's just my pet snake _________.Jock (1)
Oh rubbish! Ravenwood's _________.Marcus (2)
I learned _______________ in the past ten years.Marion (3)
Shoot them. ___________________Major Toht (3)
Do you realize what the ark is? It's a transmitter. ________Belloq (6)
And take back one Kadan to _____________.Omar (8)
Asps. Very dangerous. _______Sallah (3)
You Americans. You're all the same. ____________Major Toht (6)
QuoteMissing WordsSpeaker (Number of words)
In a thousand years even you __________.Belloq (4)
I don't know. I'm ________________.Indy (6)
Mr. Jones. Your appearance is _________.Katanga (5)
It's not the years honey, ______________.Indy (3)
She will be part of my compensation. I'm sure ______________.Belloq (4)
I am uncomfortable with the thought of this ________.Colonel Dietrich (2)
We are simply passing through history. This, ___________.Belloq (3)
Shut your eyes Marion. Don't ___________.Indy (3)
Oh, the money's fine. The situation ______________.Indy (3)
We have ___________ working on it right now.Major Eaton (2)

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