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Who cashed in at the Hovitos cave?Raiders
Where did Indy and Ox go to college together?Crystal Skull
What is the name of Lao Che's club?Temple of Doom
What song does Willie first sing?Temple of Doom
How much did Indy pay Marion for the medallion?Raiders
How old does Mutt think Indy is?Crystal Skull
What is Jock's pet snake's name?Raiders
What do they have for dessert at Pankot Palace?Temple of Doom
Why do you take back one Kadan?Raiders
Where has Marcus gotten lost?Last Crusade
How do Austrians say goodbye?Last Crusade
Who died first, Marcus or Henry Jones?Crystal Skull
How did Henry Jones know Elsa was a Nazi?Last Crusade
What does Henry Jones find from the grail adventure?Last Crusade
Where is Irini from?Crystal Skull
Why does Willie want Short Round's hat?Temple of Doom
What begins with 'I' in the Latin alphabet?Last Crusade
What did Abner Ravenwood think of Indy?Raiders
What item does Sallah use to get Indy out of the Map Room?Raiders
What does Willie wear to bed besides her jewels?Temple of Doom
How many camels to Sallah bring to the desert?Last Crusade
What does Indy want Mutt to do?Crystal Skull
How does Indy choose the grail, according to the knight?Last Crusade
Where did Indy meet Sallah in Cairo after chasing the truck convoy?Raiders
What finally kills Dovchenko?Crystal Skull
What does Mutt say is the name of his mother?Crystal Skull
What does Mutt bring to a gun fight?Crystal Skull
What is Sankara according to Indy?Temple of Doom
What killed the monkey?Raiders
Abner Ravenwood did the first serious work on what? Raiders

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