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Can you name the villain in the Sherlock Holmes story?

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The Greek InterpreterKidnapping & murder of Kratides
The Dying DetectiveAttempted murder of Holmes
A Scandal in BohemiaThreatening to break up the King of Bohemia's upcoming marriage
The Mazarin StoneTheft of the Mazarin Stone
Valley of FearMurder of John Douglas?
Thor BridgeFraming the governess for murder
The Final ProblemMurder of Sherlock Holmes?
The Dancing MenMurder of Hilton Cubitt
A Study in ScarletMurder of Enoch Drebber
Silver BlazeDisappearance of Silver Blaze
The Empty HouseKilling Ronald Adair
Hound of the BaskervillesAttempted murder of Baskervilles
Black PeterMurder of Black Peter
The Blue CarbuncleTheft of the blue carbuncle
The Naval TreatyTheft of a naval treaty
The Second StainTheft of a document that could mean war
The Red-Headed LeagueAttempted bank robbery
Sign of the FourMurder of Sholto
The Three GablesTheft of Douglas Maberley's novel & ruining his life
The Speckled BandMurder of Julia Stoner

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