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What elements compose carbohydrates? (Alphabetical Order)
ATP's energy source comes from its _____ groups
Cholesterol is a type of_______
The rER has _______ while the sER does not
An aquaporin allows _________ in and out of a cell
Ribose has a ____ group that Deoxyribose does not
DNA has proteins that are negatively charged, they are called ______
Phospholipids, Triglycerides, and waxes are all types of _____
Four nucleic bases found in DNA? (Alphabetical order)
Phospholipids are described as being _____, they are both hydrophilic and hydrophobic
An amino acid always has an amino group and a _____ group
Glucose and Fructose have the same molecular formula but glucose is an aldehyde while fructose is a _________
A polypeptide's monomer?
CH4 is a _______ hydrocarbon
A protein is placed at a too hot temperature, it will most likely _______

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