Enemy- and NPC-Exclusive Classes in Fire Emblem

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Can you name the Enemy-exclusive and NPC-exclusive Classes in the Fire Emblem series?

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Ankoku Ryuu to Hikari no Tsurugi
Pretty much the same as Gold Knight 
For some reason, they wanted another General 
The only axe-wielding class in the game 
We don't need just one Demon Fighter clone... 
...we need TWO! 
Not to be confused with Gold Knight, this class uses a bow 
A flying monster class 
Killed Gandalf in The Lord of the Rings 
Also the class of a the antagonist in a certain Brendan Fraser movie 
Composed of osseous tissue. Oh, and evil magic. 
Not to be confused with that one guy from World of Warcraft 
Braaains... rawr... 
Only two in the whole game 
Eye see you... 
Evil magic user 
Why aren't these guys getting RID of all the demons in this game instead of summoning them? 
Sonya is this before you recruit her 
Doma's class. 
Monshou no Nazo
I rob places and destroy villages 
Arr, me hearties! 
Why the game makers wanted two different shirtless axe-using classes, no one knows. 
Monshou no Nazo is the only game where this class uses swords instead of axes 
Generic lance-user. 
Hardin's class 
I'm a-firin' my... very large crossbow! 
Evil mage. Finally, Gharnef has his own class. 
Medeus's class in Book 1 
Medeus's class in Book 2 
Seisen no Keifu
Strong, reliable, and slow! Uses lances. 
Strong, reliable, and slow! Uses axes. 
Strong, reliable, and slow! Uses bows. 
The only of the three anima mages that you can't use. 
The non-seafaring robbers 
Tends to spend more time attacking and less time robbing villages. 
Arr, me hearties! I'm in this game as well! 
Weaker version of Bow Fighter 
Flying-mounted class, but enemy-only 
Shoots at a distance. 
Shoots ferrous materials at a distance. 
Pray that this guy doesn't critical hit you at a distance. 
Priests become High Priests instead of these. 
Evil magic user 
Even more evil magic user 
Yurius/Julius's class 
Not Manfred von Richthofen 
Alvis's class in the 2nd Generation 
Hilda's class. Nobody liked her, anyway. 
I'm innocent! 
Thracia 776
Generic lance-user. 
Arr, me hearties! 
ANOTHER bow-wielding infantry unit? Geez, and I thought we couldn't fit in any more class clones... 
Looks like a brigand wielding a bow. 
Strong, reliable, and slow! Uses swords. 
Strong, reliable, and slow! Uses lances. 
Strong, reliable, and slow! Uses bows. 
Shoots from a distance. 
Shoots ferrous materials at a distance. 
Shoots toxic materials at a distance. 
Not evil, but does use magic. 
Evil magic user, different than Loputo Mage AND its promoted class. 
I'm inoccent! 
Fuuin no Tsurugi
Generic lance-user. 
See this lance? Now it's a giant sword. Anything is possible when your man is ruler of Bern. 
Idoun's class during the final chapter. 
Help, I'm still innocent! 
Blazing Sword
Lord Elbert's class. 
Finally, we're back to one bandit-esque class. 
Arr, me--wait a minute, why am I on a lake? And why am I only present during Linus's version of 'Four-Fanged Offense'? 
Generic lance-user. 
You save me from assassination, but later I kill one of you. 
Kishuna's class. Screwed up Aion's entire plan. 
'Why? Why must I lose? More power... I must be... stronger...' 
One of the Eight Heroes, and not the one who fights alongside you. 
The final boss. Dun dun dunnnnn... 
Still innocent over here! 
The Sacred Stones
Generic lance-user. 
Isamire's class during the storyline. 
You have to defend this guy near the end of the game. 
I'm going to destroy this village so you can't get an item! Ha ha! 
I'm a ship! 
Okay, technically, you can control this guy during the Creature Campaign, but only after defeating the Lagdou Ruins 3 times. 
Zombie-like class. 
Upgraded zombie-like class. 
Skeleton-like class. 
PURPLE skeletons? That's just silly. 
I am a giant eye. Fear me! 
I am also a giant eye. Fear me! 
Bow wow. 
Bow wow times three. 
Normally perches on top of architecture looking ominous. 
Very evil architectural pieces. 
Centaur+Giant Axe 
Centuar+Giant Golden Axe 
Spider-man, minus the 'man' part 
Bigger and meaner spider. 
Can be abused to restore uses to items. 
Newly hatched snake-people 
I have no depth perception! 
Rawr! Braaains! 
Fomortiis's class 
Path of Radiance
Ashnard's class 
Wielder of Alondite 
I rob villages! 
Innocent bystander. 
Radiant Dawn
Clumsy axe-wielders. 
Kurth's class when undercover 
Aimee/Lalabel's class 
Not a person, but still on the map 
You only get the promoted version of this class 
I use dark magic! Bwa ha ha! 
Izuka's class 
One of Ashera's spirits 
One of Ashera's spirits 
One of Ashera's spirits 
Ashera's class 
Innocent person. Cant' fight. 
Shadow Dragon
Generic lance-wielder. 
Medeus's class. 
Heroes of Light and Shadow
Generic lance-wielder 
I rob villages! 
Hardin's class 
Jake and Beck forgot how to be these 
Medeus's class 

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