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'Sorry boys, I'm so ____________'
'Sherlock sees through everything and everyone in seconds. What's incredible though is how __________ _________ he is about some things' easuring the ________ ___ ______after death
'What does that matter? So we go around the sun. If we went around the moon or _________________________________________, it wouldn't make a difference.'
'Stop inflicting your opinions on ___ ______'
'What've you done to my bloody wall? I'm putting this on your _____ young man'
'You've got to find those plans, Sherlock. Don't make me ______ ____'
'Nice stationary. __________'
'What are we supposed to make of that? The state agent's photo and the bloody ________ ________'
'12 hours to solve my puzzle, Sherlock, or I'm going to be so ________'
'This hospital is full of people dying _____. Why don't you go crying by their bedside?'
'Jim works in IT upstairs. That's how we met. _______ __________'
'The kid with these trainers came to London from _______'
'It's your brother. He's texting me how. How does he know my... It must be a ______ _______ '
'What was the point? Why would anyone do this? I can't be the only one in the world that ____ ______'
'There are lives at stake, Sherlock. Actual human lives. Just so I know, _______________'
'Don't make people into ________. ________ don't exist and if they did, I wouldn't be one of them'
'Jim Moriarty. _____! Jim? Jim from the hospital?'
'I'm a ________________ like you.'
'Please Jim, will you _____ it for me?'
'No one ever gets to me and __________________'
'But the ___________'s over, Sherlock. Daddy's had enough now.'
'Take this as a friendly warning, ____ ______'
'People have died. That's ____________________!'
'Sorry boys, I'm so ____________'

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