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Yankees championships + Canadiens championships - Celtics championships + Steelers championships
(Michael Jordan MVPs x Wayne Gretzky MVPs) - Pirates consecutive losing seasons
Wilt Chamberlain scoring titles x (California pro sports teams / Earl Campbell rushing titles)
(Nolan Ryan no-hitters x number of 'original' NHL teams) - NHL expansion teams since 1990 + Sammy Sosa home runs in 1998
(NBA Finals lost by the Lakers - NFL teams with no Super Bowl appearances + George Blanda seaons in the NFL) / Chris Paul's jersey number
Walter Payton's jersey number + (NFL 'B' mascots x NFL bird mascots)
Bill Russell's jersey number + (Dominique Wilkins Slam Dunk titles x Robert Horry teams)
Bobby Orr's jersey number x (Canadian NHL teams + Mario Lemieux MVPs)
(Year of first Mets championship - Willie Mays career home runs) / Mickey Mantle's jersey number
Distance (in ft.) to first base - seconds on an NBA shot clock + players on field for one NFL team - minutes in one NHL period
(MLB stadiums with FieldTurf + NFL coaches named Jim) x (NHL penalty minutes for fighting + albums released by Shaquille O'Neal)
Consecutive Super Bowls lost by the Bills + Cy Young's career wins + total Celtics 2008 playoff games + feathers on the Chicago Blackhawks logo

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