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Can you name the answer to each NES-related question?

Updated Jul 29, 2011

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Name A...
Battletoads toad
Metal Gear transceiver contact
Gauntlet character
Kid Icarus sacred treasure
Adventure island food
Contra weapon
Legend of Zelda boss
Final Fantasy Fiend
Super Mario Bros. 3 Koopa Kid
Bubble Bobble enemy
Dragon Warrior sword
Simon's Quest mansion
River City Ransom gang
Name A...
Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!! opponent
Ninja Gaiden 'Malice Four'
Mega Man 2 powerup
RC Pro-Am car upgrade
Ice Hockey country
Crystalis 'Finest Four'
Rad Racer course
Blaster Master vehicle component
Double Dragon brother
Kirby's Adventure minigame
Metroid beam
Tecmo Super Bowl QB*
Rampage monster

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