Can You Name The Greek Gods & Goddesses?

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Can you name the Gods & Goddesses of Olympus?

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DomainNameExtra Hint
Goddess of love and beautyBorn of Uranus' Genetalia
Queen of marriage, women, childbirthQueen of the Gods of Olympus
God of travel, messengers, trade, thievery, cunning wiles, language, writing, diplomacy, athletics, and animal husbandry.Has Winged sandals, and symbol is the cadaceus
King of the Underworld and god of the deadOwner of the Helm of Darnkess
God of the sea, rivers, earthquakes, and horsesSymbol is the Trident
Virgin goddess of the hunt, wilderness, wild animalsTwin Sister of #2
God of the sky, weather, thunder, law, and orderKing of the Gods, symbol is the lightning bolt
DomainNameExtra Hint
God of war, bloodlust, violenceSon of Two Olympian Deities
Goddess of fertility, agriculture, horticultureSymbol is the Cornucopia
Goddess of wisdom, warfare, strategyBorn out of her father's forehead
God of fire, metalworking, stonemasonryCrippled from birth
Virgin goddess of the hearth, home and cookingSymbols are the hearth and kettle.
God of wine, parties and festivals, madnessAnimals sacred to him include dolphins, serpents, tigers
God of music, healing, plague and prayerAssociated with the Sun and Lyre

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