Facts of Hunchback of Notre Dame

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What is the hunchback's name?
What is his master's name?
What is the gypsy leader's name?
How old is the hunchback?
What is his master's job title
Name the tall gargoyle
The short gargoyle?
The female gargoyle?
Who saves the hunchback as an infant?
Where do the gypsies live?
Who was brought in from 'The Wars' to rid the area of gypsies?
The Festival of Fools is also known as...?
Demi Moore plays this female gyspy's voice, her name...?
The above gypsy's goat has a name, what is it?
What color is the hunchback's tunic?
A Disney woman makes a cameo during 'Out There', who was it?
Where does the movie take place?
When was the movie made?
What rank does the the man from question 11 hold?
Finally, what was the final rating of this movie?

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