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Plot KeywordsFilmYear
Day Care; Escape; Teddy Bear; Female To Male Foot In Crotch2010
Business Partner; Bill Gates; Identical Twins; Socially Awkward 2010
Bulldozer; Botanist; Bravery; Bioluminescence2009
Vietnam; Exploding Bodies; Fake Gun; Film Executive2008
Civil Rights; Demonstration; Fat Girl; Dance Contest2007
Trial; Temptation; Torture; Tomb2004
Jitterbug; Cowboy; Dwarf; Actress2001
VCR Tape; Chilled Air; Young Boy; Psychiatrist1999
Whiz Kid; Cancer; Motivational Speaker; Frog1999
Green Horse; Tank; Jewish Family; Italy1997
Plot KeywordsFilmYear
Coffee; Cargo Ship; Notice Board; Police Lineup1995
Moth; Anagram; Head in Jar; Night Vision Goggles1991
Beaver; Baseball; Body Condom; British Monarch1988
Bare Breasts; Self Surgery; Male Frontal Nudity; Uzi1984
Parasite; Impregnation; Cat; Airlock1979
Drunkenness; Bathtub; Cheating at Cards; Ragtime1973
Bed; Teenage Girl; Attic; Vomit1973
Midnight; Beautiful Woman; Family Relationships; Castle1950
Business; Jump Into Pool With Clothes On; Angel; What If1946
Woman as Object; Disaster in New York; Biplane; Monster1933

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