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Updated Jan 31, 2012

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Plot KeywordsFilmYear
Question; Rupee; Covered in Faeces; Suspicion2008
Car; Confession; Confrontantion; Curmudgeon2008
Faun; Maze; Frog; Spanish Civil War2006
Whispering; Hotel; Advertisement; Jet Lag2003
Dentist; Short-term Memory Loss; Ocean; Shark2003
Catholic; Hitman; Wake; Driving Lesson2002
Fire; Raft; Tooth Extraction; Volleyball2000
Slacker; Alcohol; Dope; Rug1998
Mask; High School; Teenkill; Popcorn1996
Tied to Chair; Gore; Undercover; Heist1992
Plot KeywordsFilmYear
Inventor; Love; Sadness; Snow1990
Prince; Pirate; Giant; True Love1987
Bully Comeuppance; Clock; Underwear; Plutonium1985
Princess; Robot; Hologram; Rebellion1977
Jogging; Ice Skating; Working Class; Underdog1976
Hat; Ejector Seat; Laser; Naked Dead Woman1964
Spy; Fugitive; Cornfield; Auction1959
Bandit; Farmer; Rice; Siege1954
Old Flame; Pianist; Bar; La Marseillaise1942
Dog; Cyclone; Courage; Good vs Evil1939

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