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Can you name the Civilization 4 leaders by their traits?

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Creative, Spiritual
Financial, Industrious
Creative, Philosophical
Charismatic, Industrious
Charismatic, Spiritual
Charismatic, Imperialistic
Aggressive, Financial
Creative, Financial
Imperialistic, Protective
Imperialistic, Organized
Charismatic, Organized
Philosophical, Protective
Expansive, Financial
Creative, Imperialistic
Financial, Imperialistic
Expansive, Protective
Charismatic, Financial
Expansive, Organized
Creative, Industrious
Charismatic, Expansive
Aggressive, Philosophical
Financial, Spiritual
Expansive, Spiritual
Protective, Spiritual
Expansive, Imperialistic
Aggressive, Spiritual
Charismatic, Protective
Philosophical, Spiritual
Creative, Organized
Organized, Philosophical
Creative, Expansive
Organized, Spiritual
Creative, Protective
Industrious, Protective
Charismatic, Philosophical
Aggressive, Expansive
Industrious, Spiritual
Expansive, Industrious
Aggressive, Industrious
Aggressive, Imperialistic
Imperialistic, Philosophical
Imperialistic, Spiritual
Financial, Organized
Financial, Protective
Imperialistic, Industrious
Industrious, Organized
Financial, Philosophical
Aggressive, Organized
Aggressive, Charismatic
Aggressive, Creative
Aggressive, Protective
Expansive, Philosophical

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